Rhonda Feinman Custom Frames was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing the finest quality custom made picture frames for the fine art trade. Our frames are featured in renowned museums, galleries and private collections.

All frames are custom made in our New York facility with utmost respect for the legacy of centuries of craftsmanship in frame making. The artisans of Rhonda Feinman Custom Frames hand carve wood, cast and apply decorative composition ornament, then gild only with genuine gold leaf to produce sensitive and faithful reproductions of fine antique frames. Time tested traditional techniques and materials are used to assure lasting quality.

We take pride in offering outstanding customer service, first and foremost, with commitment to responding to your needs. In addition to the small selection of frame styles shown here, our line is extensive and varied. Inquiries about custom made orders according to your specifications are always welcome.

Our master craftspeople carefully repair and restore antique frames, from small nicks and chips, to recreating lost ornaments, and from light cleaning, to complete refinishing. Frames can be resized or replicated with accommodations appropriate to the needs of the artwork. We also have the ability to fabricate circle, oval and arch top frames for mirrors and architectural installation.